Kongrazulazions, Amerika.

Yes, my web page is BLACK for a while. Apologies to you HTML purists and ultrageeks (that's a compliment -- I hold you in highest regard!) who think that black pages are pretentious. Really. I apologise.

But I digress.

Folks, we really did it this time. And for our efforts, we get four more years of regressive political action. We've already lost the last forty years, and we're about to lose the previous two hundred or more, to the regression and powermongering currently in our government. I haven't seen anything this power-hungry since Kings Henry VIII, John, Richard II and George IV! I might have the numbers off but not by much.

Napoleon was a cakewalk compared to our current administration, which compares more to Stalin and/or Krushchev.

It will stay this colour until such time as this country wakes up and smells their own flesh searing in the wok, and realises that we have become our historical enemy.

For further explanation, see here.

More will be written as I collect my thoughts (and prepare to trade them for valuable prizes).

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Feature: The periodic feature. My thoughts on the world at large, the occasional lyric, and the occasional piece of prose and poetry, i.e.

Here you will find the verse of the times
Occasionally you will find that it rhymes
And sometimes it is nothing but prose
So sometimes it won't.

It will also include links to previous features. They will be titled and dated.

Wanderings: Sometimes I'll post random wandering memories or thoughts here. These will be arranged in a titular fashion. I have a lot of things that I remember which I wish were still around, for what will probably be obvious reasons. I also have quite a few views on various topics such as operating sytems, laws, history as it applies to the modern day, etc.

Stories: Come on in, check out my works of fiction. Currently there's only one, but I think you might find it worth a read!.

Verse: This is a link to an index of verse that I may choose to share with the world at large.

Song of the Moment: This is a pointer to a page which contains the lyrics of a song which I find to be particularly appropriate for the moment. (Sorry it doesn't change as often as it should, but neither does the state of the world...)

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Links: This is where I keep a bunch of links to other places, such as Online Comics (my favourites), fonts, friends' pages and the like.

A snapshot of my desktop.

My resume: This is my resume. I chose, as my hobby, the field of Systems and Network Administration. I took, as a minor hobby, programming. Professionally, I'm really a musician (but don't let the total lack of performances fool you. Really. Ask my Mom, if you know her). It's always been something of a source of amusement that my hobbies pay better than my profession.

Hacker's Corner: This page contains tips on programming and systems administration.

Enjoy the site, such as it is. Eventually I will also have links to pages dealing with role-playing gaming. Of course, after the WTC collapse, I wonder if I can continue on with this, in any meaningful capacity. Maybe run a bounty hunting campaign (but whom to hunt? Bin Laden or Dumb Dubya?). [oh, and please, if you're going to give me grief for criticising our clueless leader, you'd better have a very intelligent argument for it.]

My Mom sent me this really cool Clock that she found somewhere; not sure where. Check it out!
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