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Welcome to Random Spherical Collisions

"dedicated to preserving the hobby of pinball -- one table at a time."

Firstly, we apologise for the black page. A lot of you HTML/WWW purists consider it to be rather gauche; however, it just meshes a lot better with the logo design. Again, sorry.

That out of the way, WELCOME! There isn't much here yet, but there is a lot going on right now. There probably won't be much of substance here until this site finds better bandwidth.

Random Spherical Collisions is twofold:

1. Electro-Mechanical Pinball Repair

Random Spherical Collisions specialises in the repair of Electro-Mechanical (EM) Pinball Tables, as well as basic physical work on other pinball games. We don't do board work if it comes down to chip repair, as we don't have the test/repair equipment available to do so. We can, however, recommend several alternate resources for this. When we get the links section up, you'll see them there.

We consider our work rates to be reasonable; to wit:

Work is fully guaranteed for thirty days. Should any work be deemed faulty or should the same problem recur, there will be no charge for the return visit or re-repair.

Random Spherical Collisions provides technical services and support for the Pacific Pinball Exposition and California Extreme.

2. Recreations of EM Tables in the Virtual Arena

Since 2004, via software, RSC has striven for near perfect replicas classic pinball games, from the graphics down to the way the machine acts and functions (counting bonus, resetting, etc.). The platform of choice is